Underhill School and Children’s Centre is a welcoming school community, where there is a strong emphasis on caring for, supporting and listening to pupils. The pupils here are happy and enthusiastic and have a natural love of learning.


Our school values are underpinned by the fundamental British values outlined in the National Curriculum 2014. We strongly believe in developing well rounded, socially aware and positive members of the community, as well as offering a wide and diverse education. We support and teach these values in a variety of ways. Our ‘Golden Expectations’ support each of these values, and enable our pupils to work together in a respectful community.


We have a fantastic staff team at Underhill School and Children’s Centre who are all committed to providing the best opportunities for pupils. We provide an interesting, stimulating curriculum that responds to the needs of different learning styles and learners’ different needs. We ensure we equip pupils with the skills to become valuable members of society and to have aspirations for their futures.


The school serves a culturally diverse community, which brings a richness to school life - this is highly valued and is celebrated both in the curriculum and in school life. We thrive on our diverse community with a rich variety of home languages, cultures, faiths and traditions. We want our pupils to be global citizens, able to succeed and build a fulfilling life in a sustainable and increasingly international society. 


We believe that parental partnership is vital to ensuring the well being and academic success of pupils. Parents are an essential component of our school community. We welcome parents to come into the school to support the children in their learning. Our PTA hold events throughout the year in order to help raise money to further enrich activities within the school. The governors also work effectively with the school to ensure the best possible provision and outcomes for its pupils


Hopefully this website will answer many of the questions you may have about the school, but if you have anything further you wish to discuss please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Jennie Reed and Nicola Hayles

Acting Headteachers