The Underhill Oracle

Welcome to The Underhill Oracle! We are a group of Year 6 children who love our school and really enjoy writing so we decided to start a school blog. We meet every Tuesday to put together all the latest Underhill news as well as bringing you interviews with members of staff, original short stories and much more! Read on to find out more about us and we will see you here every week with our latest blog post! 

In Blog Club, we have been talking about how much we love Underhill. Check out some of the acrostic poems we have been busy writing. Can you write an acrostic poem about our school?  

30th November 2016

Our bloggers have been very busy interviewing members of staff so everyone can get to know them a bit better. Read on for Ava's interview with Miss Alana.

What is it like working at Underhill?
It is fun but tiring. I love seeing the faces of the children every morning when they arrive at school.

What has been your highlight so far this year?.
When my class filled their marble jar and had an early marble party. It was so much fun!

What is your favourite subject to teach and why?
My absolute favourite subject is Art but I like maths too because I find it very enjoyable.

Apart from 3 Yew, which class would you teach and why?
Either Reception or Year 6 to see the beginning or end of our school.

What are your likes and dislikes about underhill?
I like that everybody's opinions are new, bright and very good.
I dislike the huge hole in the playground.

Well done Ava, a great interview and a big thank you to Miss Alana for her time!

November 2016

And so it begins again….

We have been busy recruiting across all of Key Stage 2 and have now put together a top team of blogging experts to take over from the amazing Year 6 children who ran The Underhill Oracle last year. Read on below to find out more about some of the children who will be working on the blog this year.

My name is Theo but some people call me Mr# Green.  I am in 3 Yew and I love cars.  When I grow up I want to be a scientist. I am so happy to be in the blog club and we will work hard to bring you weekly posts.

Hi, my name is Harry but my nickname is Haribo (and some people even call me Mr #Blue). I am quite young as I am only in 3 Cedar and I am loving Underhill. I like running and sports, especially football. My favourite team is Liverpool. When I am older I would like to get a job but I am not sure what it will be yet!

Breaking news… Hi, my name is Snehal and I am crazy about blogging. I am in 3 Palm and I think that Underhill is epic. My favourite football team is Liverpool and one day I hope to be an Olympian. I hope you enjoy reading our blog.

Hi, my name is Vladimir and I am in Year 3.  I like reading and writing and when I grow up I would like to be a footballer.

Hey boys and girls, my name is Sheikha and I am in 5 Holly. I love to play football however when I am older I would like to be a teacher at Underhill or a child minder as I love to look after my little brother. My favourite colour is violet.

Hello, my name is Azaria and I think that Underhill is the best school ever! Before I came to this school I was really shy but the teachers and staff are really lovely. I am co. captain of the football team, I am the vice-captain of Windsor and I am also a member of the school council.  I like to draw, sing, dance and play football. I am a sporty girl and I was selected to go to Copthall (this is a bit like the Olympics but for schools) to represent the school last year. When I am older I would like to be an Olympian or a footballer – and I know Underhill will help me achieve this dream. I love to read and write and my favourite book is Emerald Star by Jaqueline Wilson. I hope you enjoy the blog… make sure you read it every week!

Hi, my name is Jumaima and I really like blog club. In the playground I like to play duck, duck, goose with my friends in Year 3.

Hello, my name is Jamaar and I am known as being a bit weird!  I am pleased to be part of the blog team and hope that you will check it weekly to read our posts. I support Tottenham FC and my favourite meals are spaghetti bolognese and fish and chips. Underhill is always a place of fun and it will help me achieve my dream of going to university and becoming a lawyer.

Hi, my name is Sakina and I think Underhill is a lovely school. I am so excited to be writing on The Underhill Oracle. When I am older I would like to be a teacher like Mrs Reed and I would love to work at Underhill. I love maths, it is my favourite subject and I look forward to it each day.

Hi, I’m Arsalan and when I am 17 I would like to ride a motorbike! When I am 25 I will learn to drive, buy a car and sell my motorbike! I would like to be a doctor when I am older, although I am only 7 at the moment!

Hi, my name is Irvin and I am excited to be part of the blog club. I am an enthusiastic reader, in fact, I read around 8 books a day!

Hey there people of the world, my name is Keshav and my dream is to be a footballer. I am in 3 Hornbeam and people describe me as the ‘Maths King’! I also like cricket and I support England and India. My favourite football teams are Germany and Arsenal and my worst team is Chelsea!

Hey, I’m Galia! Underhill is the best school I have ever known, My dream is to become an Olympian and I know that you can become whatever you want to be. I like football and my favourite team is Arsenal. Underhill is the best school because it makes you achieve more things and blog club is awesome with # Mrs Reed and Nicola.





4th May 2016


Tired of being behind in your studies? Wanting to make an impact on your levels before the big week? These SIMPLE AND EASY tips are tested ways to achieve your highest standards.

DISCLAIMER: These tips are somewhat aimed towards SATS takers (Yr 6) but are suitable for any KS2 student.


Tip #1: Getting organised

One of the most crucial things involved with studying with success is getting organised. This includes:

PRIORITISING: Trying to juggle many clubs while studying is never a good idea. This can lead to minimal focus and concentration. So before you begin the actual preparation you may have to make a big choice- leaving a group or club temporarily to get cracking. This can also mean less play-dates or hangouts with friends. Always remember that in the long term this will benefit you.

CLEAR WORK SPACE: this means a mess-free, quiet zone in your house (Preferably if you have them, sibling free) and all the stationary you will need in advance. If you want to jazz your equipment up, a blog post by Jyll Katie and Maya is up on how to design everything with washi-tape. If you need something while practicing you should not need to get up to get it.


 Tip #2: Challenging yourself

Make sure the work you are doing is never too hard, nor easy. It may seem easy to slack off and get away with easier work, or look cooler by doing “older kids stuff” but that will not broaden your mind as well as things that are your level. If your tutor or parents give you things that are not adjusted well, ask them for a different piece of work to do or explain your worries.

Speaking of work...


Tip #3: finding work to do


There are many great apps you can use to help you. Always check them before downloading, because some of them are for people at collage. If digital learning doesn’t float your boat, then ask your teacher of the specific subject for help. There are also workbooks that you can buy in various shops like Waterstones, WhSmiths etc. Then again, they are categorised by age and can sometimes be not of your personal preference.

And last but not least...


Tip#4: taking your results

After all your hard work, you receive your paper... and a score you could be disappointed by, happy, joyful our just plain dumbfounded is written on your sheet. If you got that score you have been aiming for then congratulations! This means you have been studying harder than ever, and keeping that studying consistent. Make sure you don’t lord it over everyone and brag about your perfect score, but congratulate others for their performance. On the other hand, getting a score you frankly weren’t hoping for can be upsetting, and this is the truth: nobody is perfect. In my time, my marks in specific subjects haven’t been as high as others, and that’s ok. That means you can grow from your mistakes, and not be embarrassed with any criticism that teachers give you, privately or in class. If you know your input to studying hasn’t been great, get a bit more serious and always be happy about your score, no matter the circumstance.


23rd March 2016     

New Additions

This week we decided to increase the team here at the Underhill Oracle. Read on to find out a bit more about our two new members!

Hi guys, I'm Jess and I am one of the pupils in 6 Hawthorn here at Underhill School. I'm animal crazy , trust me and I have a lot of dreams about my future life! Im really excited to be part of the Underhill Oracle and I can't wait to get started. Im hoping that being part of this blog might help me fulfil my ambition of becoming a journalist.

Hi, I'm Charlie and I am in 6 Redwood and I am extremely pleased to be part of the blog team. My favourite sport is football, which is what I spend most of my free time doing. My dream job just happens to be a professional footballer however joining the army is another idea I have in the back of my mind. 


Next wek we have a lot of exciting content coming your way, including, the winners of our short story competition, our interview with the PTA, a day in the life of the year 6 dance club and much more!

March 2016

And the winners are....

We are really excited to announce the winnders of our short story competition. Well done to our overall winner Milli, 3 Cedar and our runners up Charlie, 6 Redwood, Ava 5, Sycamore and Ollie 4, Larch. Read on for their excellent short stories.


I wonder if there is life on other planets?

By Milli, 3 Cedar


I wonder if there is life on other planets?


I was soon to discover if this was true or not. I won a competition to go into space! The people at the space station said I was allowed to take two friends and four adults. Oh yeah, my name is Milli. The people I took were Tia, Maryam, Jack, Mrs Matthews, Mrs Reed and Miss Nakagawa.


We ZOOMED up into space and before we knew it we were on….. MARS!! Do you know what Mars is made out of? It is made out of Mars, the chocolate bar! Anyway, when we landed, some Martians came and took us to their school and showed us around. Their school looked just like Underhill and guess what topic they were learning about? HUMANS! They were thrilled to see us and came straight over and started to communicate by waving their tentacles. The boy Martians took out their Marsh-Attax cards and one of them held up his translator pad which read, “I always wanted to meet humans and swap human Marsh-Attax cards.” Jack then said, as he took out his Match Attax, “They’re not called Marsh-Attax, but Match Attax where we come from!” He then swapped all of his Tottenham cards for the best Martian player on Mars, who played for a team called Marshenal. Jack didn’t want any cards from the Martian team called Shotenham. The Martian boy was very happy.


A girl Martian came over to us and did a funny dance, so me, Tia, Maryam, Jack, Mrs Matthews, Mrs Reed and Miss Nakagawa copied her moves and danced all the way back to the spaceship. We all waved goodbye and I said I couldn’t stay any longer because it was time for bed and I wanted my hot chocolate and marsh…mallows! We said we would come again when they were doing their next topic, which would be Space Pirates!


Then we ZOOMED back to earth and wrote all about our adventure in a story competition… it would be out of this world if I won, I thought!






By Charlie, 6 Redwood


Here I am, sitting on my camping chair, gazing up at the beautiful colours adorning the night sky and listening to the loud bangs. It was a Saturday night and the temperature was unbearable.  I was watching the fireworks in admiration when a huge, twin propeller cargo plane soared overhead. It took me back to the time of D-day.


It was the date of 4th September 1944 and I was sitting along an aisle in a huge army style plane. We were British paratroopers. I was excited despite the constant butterflies in the stomach. Suddenly the hatch opened and the green light showed. I raced forward, my heart beating fast, while clutching my assault rifle. I leapt into the intimidating black sky. My regiment and I, who were very brave soldiers, had been briefed to catch bridge Paris and the riverside road. I unleashed my parachute and steered it in the direction of the bridge. I landed - with a thud - on the road. I unclipped my parachute and opened fire on the heavy German artillery and infantry. I shot three of them before lobbing two grenades from behind cover. I heard the monstrous bangs.


I wake up with a start. I’m breathing heavily, my chest heaving loudly. I grab my chair and fold it up. I start running towards the road however the intense heat forced me to stop, panting for breath. I sat down on the grass. Suddenly a scurry of fireworks is launched. I grab my walking stick and attempt to sit up, despite a pain in the side of my stomach. It didn’t stop the memories flowing though.


I was back on the battlefield, running from cover to cover and launching rounds upon rounds of bullets out of my gun. I ordered my teammates to launch a Rocket launcher at an infantry truck. It blasted into shards of metal and the blood flowed, painting the road. I crawled behind a German Panzer tank and clambered on top. I was holding a grenade in one hand and my assault rifle slung over my shoulder. I pulled the pin and dropped it with a clatter inside the tank. I jumped down and ran for cover behind a huge log. The tank exploded in a fiery gas circle. I fixed a bayonet onto my assault rifle and ran behind a German soldier.  I rammed the metal into him and slid it out, slowly draining the life out of him. All of a sudden my best friend John fell to the floor, his face scrunched up in pain, dropping his rifle and blood oozing from a chest wound. I ran over to my regiment and ordered them to launch a bazooka into the heavy German defences. I was raging. My best friend had just been killed. I was traumatised with fear and rage, but I concentrated my anger on the German soldiers. I ran back to him. I thought he was killed but he had somehow survived the shot. I put him in a fireman’s carry and ran for cover. I heard the Bazooka being fired and it exploded the German defences.


I ran to my squad and lowered the body of John onto the floor. I told them what had happened and they called for medevac (medical evacuation) and we reported to high command that the bridge had been seized. I saw one more German lingering in the shadows so I raised my gun to my shoulder and drop him to the damp ground.


I wake up, my old heart beating frantically. It is the bus driver, shaking my arm and questioning me if I am all right. He carries on shaking me and helps me to my feet. Wobbling slightly I walk over to the bus, my walking stick thumping on the pavement. I clamber in and grab the nearest seat. I let in a deep breath and breathe out heavily. I’m glad those days are over. The memories will always haunt me.



By Ava, 5 Sycamore


One sunny bright morning, a deer called Sam (short for Samantha) one day decided that she wanted to go to the moon. So on the long journey to N.A.S.A she met a few people along the way. The first fellow person was Freddie (short for Fredwick) the pig who was a nice pig who used to play in the mud and role around in such filth, got turned into a piggy bank that was now used to be tortured by the boys and girls. “They smashed me open and then glued me together again! That's why I have lots of scratches and lost pieces” explained Fred. “Well that is truly awful” said Sam. Sam offered Fred to go with her to the space station. So they set off on their journey and met a little rabbit called Angel (short for Angelina) and she was in a foster home. “I have an idea!” cried Sam. Let's take Angel to N.A.S.A.” But Angel said no, so they set off again without her. Just then, Fred ran back and said “maybe you don't have to go to the moon? You can just watch from the space station!” 


So they continued their journey and they met one more person: a monkey called John (short for Jonathan). He overheard that they were going to N.A.S.A and ran up to them “can I come?” “Come where?” asked Sam. “to the space station, of course!” cried John. It's always been my dream to go to outer space!” “Yes, sure, but don't invite anyone else” said Sam. “Let's go to space!” said Fred, in excitement. “Yay!” screamed everyone.


So off they went and in about 1 hour 30 minutes they got to the space station. They got to the controls and they snuck onto the new ship, called Jupiter 9, and as soon as it was about to take off, Sam's parents called on the PA system. IT RUINED EVERYTHING! So they fell back down to earth and John's and Fred's parents got called as well. They all got sent home and they all got in BIG TROUBLE.




The Diary of Zack Jones

by Ollie, 4 Larch

Monday May 13th 1994


Chapter one


I was going on a school trip to Australia. Just as the plane was going over a jungle all of a sudden the plane got split in half.  The plane was tumbling down, the jungle was coming to meet us.  Suddenly I heard an almighty thump as the back piece of the plane crash landed on the top of a tree.


BUMP! The other piece of the plane crash landed onto a thorn bush.


“Oh no!” What is that? It’s…. it’s…. it’s.... It’s a venus flytrap”, I said.


CRASH! The venus flytrap had broken through the window of the front piece of the plane and it was now snapping it’s jaws furiously in the air, as if there was a mouth watering fly in the air.  I walked over to the venus flytrap and was now punching it, as if I was in a boxing match.  I felt hungry and tired. But what was this? I didn’t even notice how hard my punch was and I punched the plant and it went sailing out of the aeroplane’s window and was never to be seen again.


Chapter Two


Zack could see orange lights far away in the distance It can’t be? Was I dreaming? It was coming nearer and nearer every second.  Just then, out the corner of my eye I saw shadows.  I tried to move but my feet felt like they were super glued to the damp, wet floor of the forest. Now I could see the actual people.  They had sharp spears standing next to them and they were looking proud of it. 


“Who goes there?” asked one of the people.


“SSHH!” I said “I can hear something.”


“It’s a helicopter!” I shouted,


 “We’re saved!” I said, jumping up and down with excitement.


Finally we were taken to the part of Australia for our trip.




9th February 2016

Funky notebook and washi tape pencils


Equipment needed:


Washi tapes

Decretive paper


A notebook

Sticky label







1. Get your noebook and measure the length and width using your ruler.
















2. Choose your decorative paper and cut it as the same size of your notebook also apply glue to your notebook then cut and stick decorative paper on.















3. Do the same to the back and the inside of your notebook.

















4. Once dried add washi tapes to the edges of the front of your notebook.























1. Take your sticky label and glue the tape onto it.














2. Peel the mini whiteboard off the material it is placed on and stick onto the notebook.

















3. For an extra touch cut out a small piece of decorative paper and write what you want your notebook to be for and cut it out.


















4. Stick it on and you are done.





















6. For the washi tape pencils, measure the size of the washi tape to the size of the pencil and wrap round horizontally.


























2nd February 2016

Delicious Pancakes


With Pancake Day just around the corner, Maya and Jyll-Katie thought they would share one of their favourite recipes for you to make and enjoy at home. Bring photos of your pancakes into school so we can upload them here! 


Makes: 8 pancakes Serves: 4



100g plain flour
2 medium eggs
300ml milk
2 tbsp melted unsalted butter, plus a little extra for frying


For toppings:

Dark chocolate

 vanilla ice - cream





1. Sift the flour and add a pinch of salt into a large bowl and make a well in the centre. Crack the eggs into the well and whisk the mixture together. Gradually whisk in the milk until you have a smooth batter. Cover and set aside.














2.  Stir the melted butter into the pancake batter.


3. Heat a small knob of butter in a non stick frying pan. Add a small ladleful of batter and swirl around to coat the pan. Cook over a medium heat for 1-2 minutes, until the pancake is lightly golden underneath, then flip over and cook for a further minute. Place onto a plate and keep warm. Repeat with the remaining batter to make 8 pancakes.



















3. While the pancake is frying, Break the dark chocolate in a bowl (not plastic) and place over boili water in a pot. Add 20 ml milk to the chocolate. Slowly Whisk. Once melted leave to cool.














4. Serve pancakes on a plate and scoop up vanilla ice – cream and place onto the pancakes, add sliced strawberies then slowly drizzle melted chocolate over the pancake and ice – cream.



















26th January 2016


Have you ever wanted to be a published author? Now is your chance as we are launching our short story competition today! The competition is open to all adults and children in our community so pick up your pen and paper and get writing! All entries are to be given to Mrs Reed by half term and the winners will be published on the blog after the holidays. Amelia and Hillary have written this excellent short story to inspire you! Good luck!


Chinese New Year Gone Wrong
It was a dreary old day with a dreary old assembly about how to draw a margin correctly in books. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the girls next to me starting to pick at each other's hair. Great Gusto Graham began to scratch his pudgy armpit with, well, gusto! Even Miss Semana was chewing on a banana with glee. Something wasn't right; even Mr Chipington, our headmaster had got down onto all fours and had started jumping up and down. In fact, everyone was behaving strangely other than me, which is odd as I usually loved climbing and hanging upside down on the monkey bars.

Oh sorry, I didn't introduce myself, I'm Archie. Everyone around me was rising up onto their feet and bellowing loudly. Mr Chimpington..... Oh sorry, I mean Chipington thumped his chest like an ape. I slowly realised that it was a the year of the monkey... Surely not....

I slowly started to understand the situation around me as the year 1s bounded off the walls like they had consumed a bag full of sugar. I needed to concentrate to work out what was happening.

Chinese New Year, that was the key! I had heard that if it was a full moon during the new year celebrations then something strange may happen. I cast my mind back to that lesson with Mr Cecil.... Yes, that's it! It is the year of the monkey now and as I looked out the window I saw the shadow of a full moon behind the clouds.

Maybe, maybe if I could block everyone from the moonlight they would all turn back into their usual selves. I headed back to the hall to see what I could do. When I arrived I closed all the blinds one by one and the noise level began to drop. Once they were all closed I jumped in fright as I heard someone shout, "BOOOOOYYYYYYY!". It was Mr Chipington. "What on earth happened here?"
"With respect, you happened here Mr Chipington!" I retorted.

I was in detention all week, and my classmates you ask? Well, all I can say is that I have a class full of apes!



20th January 2016



Stepping Back in Time

by Ibrahim and Daniel


Saturday, Jack, Alex and Steve’s favourite day. Their birthday. They were all turning 10 and for their birthday they wanted watches, but not just any watches, the exact same watches. Their parents knew that if they said no they would have to deal with a week of tantrums so they had no choice but to say yes. “Let’s go to Argos, I have seen so many cool watches advertised on T.V. from there!” suggested Alex.


“Ok, fine, as long as they are not too expensive.” replied Alex’s Dad. A few minutes later the boys were all sitting in the back of their dirt-ridden Ford, setting off for Argos. While the children were searching eagerly for their perfect watch in the catalogue they found on the back seat, their parents were chatting about the possibility of a magical watch with time travelling powers… a typical parent’s topic don’t you think?


Soon they were at Argos and the children were bursting with excitement. They had decided which watch they would choose and they couldn’t wait to try them on! As they walked through the door, their Dad asked them how much the watch was (after all, he had to buy three of them!),


“£20,” replied the three boys in unison. Dad almost fainted with pleasure; he had imagined that the watches would have cost at least £80 each! Suddenly Jack shrieked as he spotted the watch they wanted nestled amongst a sea of timepieces in the glass cabinet.


“Look! There it is! That’s the one! Please can we all try one on?”


When the watches reached their eager hands, their faces glowed with happiness. It seemed that just seeing the watch was enough to make their birthday the best one yet. As they all admired their wrists Alex realised he needed to go to the toilet.


“Down the corridor to the left.” The salesperson directed him. Alex bolted towards the toilet and jumped, yes jumped, into the men’s room. As he emptied out his bladder he noticed that the time on his watch was wrong so he twisted the bezel to correct it. All too late, Alex realised that the watch seemed to have years, rather than hours marked on its face.


“Help!” screamed Alex as his sight blurred into a spiral of colours.


Without knowing, he had activated the time travelling watch and had transported himself back to 1940! He was standing in the middle of a café and everyone was staring at his bony legs. His trousers were round his ankles as he hadn’t had a chance to pull them up before he was whisked back in time! Alex’s face felt unusually hot, just like he had eaten a chilli! He quickly pulled his trousers up and whizzed out of the café door as fast as he could.  


Standing on the pavement, Alex looked around. Everything looked familiar yet different at the same time. Suddenly and without warning, Alex’ watch flashed and Steve and Jack were standing next to him.


“What happened to us?” the boys stammered in shock.


 Having gathered his thoughts quite rapidly, Alex replied, “You have travelled back in time, just like me… obviously!” An ear splitting shriek roared through the sky as the boys stood looking around in bewilderment.


“That sounds like an air raid siren, which means, the bombs are going to start falling soon! Shouted Steve. “Quick, we need to find a shelter!”


“You got that right!” replied Jack as the boys ran for cover.


To be continued….




12th January 2016

Happy New Year!


Happy new year from the Underhill bloggers. We all had a great holiday and we are now back and refreshed ready to upload every week for you. We have planned the next few blog posts, which are outlined below

Next week we will be uploading an amazing time travelling short story, inspired by the Year 6 topic, Stepping back in time, written by Ibrahim and Daniel. On 27th January Hillary and Amelia will be launching our short story competition where you will have the chance to have your own story published here on the Underhill Oracle. On 3rd February Jyll-Katie and Maya will be sharing all their delicious recipes and ideas for Pancake day, then the following week, they will be uploading our first D.I.Y. project for you to try at home.

We are really excited for you to read all our blog posts and would love feedback from you. If you see any of us around school, come and tell us what you think of the blog and let us know if you have any ideas about what you would like us to feature in the future!

Ibrahim, Daniel, Amelia, Hillary, Jyll-Katie and Maya




December 2015

Meet the team

Hi guys my name is Amelia and I'll be one of the writers here on the blog . I'm in 6 Hawthorn, I am rather sporty and I do a lot of swimming . I think that The Underhill Oracle is going to be awesome so check in every week for some of the latest news from the school.


Hi, my name is Hillary and I am an arty, zany girl in 6 Hawthorn, who is normally described as a bit crazy! I love Underhill and am delighted to be working on this fantastic project. Some other talented writers and I will be bringing you weekly posts to show you just how epic Underhill is.


Hi, I’m Daniel, I’m in 6 Elm and I enjoy reading. I am excited to have been chosen to be part of the blog team and want you to K.I.T (keep in touch) with us every week!


Hi, my name is Jyll-Katie (but you can call me J.K. too), I am in 6 Elm and I am ten years old. My partners in this writing crime are Hillary, Daniel, Amelia, Maya and Ibrahim. I love to dance, sing and most importantly…. write! Check in weekly to keep up to date with the latest blog posts!


Hey guys and girls, I’m Ibrahim and I’m a year 6 student at Underhill! I love writing and I am an eager learner. I plan on being a heart surgeon after I have been to university. I’m funny and chatty and loyal to my friends. Make sure you read our blog weekly!


Hello people of the world! I’m Maya and I’m in 6 Elm. I am absolutely crazy about writing; stories, poems, articles… you name it! I also really enjoy art. When I’m older I want to be lots of things however if I had to choose one it would be a journalist! Being part of this blog means that I am already pursing my dream!