The Underhill School and Children’s Centre Governing Body consists of categories of governors, some of whom have been elected by the parent or staff bodies, some appointed by the Governing Body and a Local Authority governor.

The Governing Body has three core aims:

  • To provide a strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school;

  • To support, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school; and

  • To hold the school to account for the standards achieved and the quality of education.


The Governing Body holds a business meeting every school term to review progress against the school improvement plan, discuss and challenge strategy with the school leadership team and  evaluate Local Authority decisions which impact our school community. Everyone involved in governance works in close partnership with our Interim Headteacher, staff and the Local Authority to support and develop the School.

Rather than operate under a committee structure, governors are empowered to support and challenge the school through the allocation of specific areas of expertise (known as portfolios). The portfolios are intended to encourage governors to develop their ability to hold the school to account and give the opportunity for a more hands on approach and detailed reviews. Governors make visits into school, build relationships with staff and meet termly as a board to discuss findings and report back to the Governing Body.

There are still a number of committees. The Finance Committee is responsible for the overall budget distribution but not the fine detail of how school funds are spent. A Pay Committee meets twice a year to agree pay recommendations for teaching and support staff. Appeals and Complaints Appeals Committees can be formed if required with membership determined at the time based on circumstances.  

Governing Body Membership and Statutory Information

As the Underhill School and Children’s Centre Governing Body operates a portfolio approach (in place of most committees), the attendance figures for each governor are split between full governing body meetings and portfolio meetings (committee meetings).  Specific committee attendance and membership is linked below.  All attendance figures take into account the time a governor was in office.