Book of Excellence

Have a look at the Book of Excellence entries. These children have been following our Golden Expectations. Well done to each and everyone!

Week Beginning 5th October 2020
Jacob's brilliant statue!
Jesica's excellent reading progress!
Lacey-May's excellent Science!
Kayla's fantastic Maths work!
Jude's fantastic home learning!
Maple class - learning about feelings!
Maple class - wonderful learning!
Nicole's brilliant homelearning!
Maple class - understanding different em
Mundhir's wonderful writing!
Beech class brilliant learning!
Shaheer's excellent writing!
Alfie's brilliant collage!
Amber's amazing presentation!
Beech class feelings learning!
Cameron's wonderful writing!
Eddie and Minul's fab paired writing!
Eddie and Minul's fantastic paired writi
Week Beginning 12th October 2020
Elissia's excellent 2d Shape collage!
Jacob's wonderful shape collage!
Ayan's wonderful sock puppet!
Amy's brilliant progress in handwriting!
Anthony's brilliant writing!
Alex's excellent progress!
Conor's amazing writing!
Charlie's brilliant stay safe poster!
Desmond's wonderful writing!
Hannah's brilliant writing!
Ianis's fabulous writing!
Liam's incredible writing!
Izabella's wonderful independent writing
Jonathan's excellent writing!
Kenzie's excellent writing!
Liliana's fantastic writing!
Maggie's excellent progress!
Mila's excellent writing!
Max's wonderful progress!
Maya's exellent stay safe at home poster
Riley's excellent writing!
Scarlet's excellent problem solving!
Scarlet's brilliant Safety information!.
Teddy's wonderful writing!
Summer's wonderful sock puppet family!
Tristan's fantastic writing!
Week Beginning 28th September 2020
Skyla - great writing!
Siya - fabulous writing!
Some great work from our Year 2 children
Trinity - fabulous Maths!
Arthur - brilliant feelings iceberg!
Aze - fantastic Maths!
Asli - great writing!
Anna's brilliant report!
Charlie's great Maths!
Einara - amazing Maths!
Darcey - great writing!
Hayden - excellent similes!
Jack S - brillliant Science!
Jaylen - brilliant home learning!
Jager's solar system!
Kai - wonderful writing!
Kairo - great use of similies!
Lewis - fab writing!
Leo M - excellent scientific vocab!
Liam's solar system!
Libby's fantastic report!
Ludwick - great writing!
Melisa - amazing Maths!
Millie - brilliant writing!
Natalia - fabulous presentation!
Noah - great similes!
Oscar - brilliant independent learning!.
Param - amazing Maths!
Poppie's impressive Maths!
Rene's solar system!
Week Beginning 21st September 2020
Melissa's brilliant timeline!
Anna's fantastic timeline!
Kabir's brilliant writing!
Melissa's brilliant timeline!
Jay's excellent Maths!
Kanon's fantastic writing!
Max's brilliant mnemonic!
Jaylen - amazing spelling!
Mohamed - fantastic illustration!
Joshua - great concentration!
Chloe T - amazing writing!
Byron - brilliant phonics!
Mukarram - fab timeline!
Scarlet - fantastic writing!
Bella - wonderful poem!