Feel Good February!

Book of Excellence

Have a look at the Book of Excellence entries! These children have been amazing us with their incredible learning and I CAN attitudes both at home and at school! 

Well done to each and every one!

Week Beginning 8th February 2021
Reception Bubble's brilliant robot!
Leo M's wonderful writing!
Iram's incredible writing!
Zack's fantastic insect collage!
Scarlet's brilliant poster!
Sosan's incredible interactive presentat
Tilly's brilliant poster!
Airis has learned all the countries in E
Amber's wonderful dragonfly!
Amy's incredible Japanese hornet!
Amazing Y6 attitudes!
Arthur's amazing planet models!
Anthony's brilliant story Part 1!
Anthony's brilliant story Part 2!
Arthur's brilliant poster!
Arthur's fantastic fractions!
Austin and Lewis's brilliant attitudes!.
Belinay's fantastic online safery advice
Dharma's super beetle!
Charlie's fantastic writing!
Eleni's brilliant penguin drawing!
Eesa's brilliant handwriting!
Elias's amazing Praying Mantis!
Elias's brilliant dragonfly!
Fred's brilliant story Part 1!
Fred's brilliant story Part 2
Fred's brilliant story Part 3!
Fred's brilliant story Part 4!
Fred's brilliant story Part 5!
Fred's brilliant story Part 6!
Fred's brilliant story Part 7!
Hayden's wonderful ladybird!
Hayden's brilliant insect art!
Jude's incredible attitude to learning!.
Lara's incredible Praying Mantis!
Joseph's wonderful writing!
Lewis's superb ladybird!
Leo's amazing writing!
Lexi's brilliant insect model!
Lexi's fabulous dragonfly!
Logan's fantastic insect collages!
Maria's super beetle collage!
Melisa's brilliant ladybird!
Michaela's marvellous ladybird!
Nethul's excellent online safety poster!
Miruna's wonderful insect collage!
Nouf's incredible woodlouse!
Oleksandr's wonderful insect models!
Orgesa's brilliant geography research!
Orgesa knows all the countries in Europe
Phoebe's fantastic extended sentences!
Salim's wonderful dragonfly!
Safak's brilliant work in English!
Arthur's amazing fact file!
Alyssa's beautiful family tree!
Ianis's wonderful book review!
Rishitha's amazing e-safety poster!
Shejla's incredible art!
Week Beginning 22nd February 2021
Arthur's amazing globe!
Elizabetta's wonderful Chinese New Year
Hollie's outstanding poem!
Georgia-Leigh's great ideas in English!.
Arthur's amazing globe!
Alanah's wonderful healthy food plate!
Tilly's brilliant bike riding without st
Thevin's brilliant writing!
Teddy's excellent maths!
Amber's incredible Minotaur description!
Archer's brilliant story telling!
Anda's wonderful Leaky Boat picture!
Arthur's incredible dream catcher!
Calix's delicious yoghurt bread!
Daniel's thoughtful PSHE
Celestine's incredible maths!
Darcey's amazing character description!.
Dominic's brilliant maths!
Eli's wonderful Greek vase design!
Eleni's amazing Greek vase design!
Desmond's brilliant story map!
Elissia's fantastic maths!
Georgie's amazing story map!
Elizabetta's brilliant healthy food plat
Jesiah's brilliant maths!
Jude's beautiful abstract Antarctic art!
Henry's amazing Science investigation!
Leila's wonderful story map!
Kenzie's fantastic writing!
Lewis's brilliant Minotaur description!.
Natalia's delicious homemade bread!
Mohammed's wonderful writing!
Lexi's brilliant Gods and Mortals resear
Lexi's brilliant research Part 2!
Nouf's wonderful character description!.
Ola's brilliant word work!
Riley's amazing progress in Phonics!
Oscar's amazing maths!
Oscar's brilliant maths!
Scarlet's incredible hard work and prese
Subhan's brilliant artwork!
Senudi's wonderful writing and art!
Scarlet's superb maths!
Ludwik's extraordinary Weather Poem!
Week Beginning 1st February 2021
Subhan's wonderful drawing!
Subhan's excellent writing!
Erdem's brilliant progress!
Teddy's brilliant dinosaur encylopedia!.
Tristan's brilliant writing!
Vladyslav's amazing car model!
Victoria's beautiful handwriting!
Aayan's wonderful phonics!
Abubakar's brilliant writing!
Amy's amazing information text!
Amber's brilliant fact file!
Amy's brillliant illustration!
Amy's brillliant  descriptive language!.
Andrei's wonderful information text!
Atharva's excellent writing!
Archer's amazing lego aeroplane!
Bilal's brilliant inforamtion text!
Ben's brilliant writing!
Darcey's great work in Maths!
Daniel's wonderful Month labels!
Darcey's incredible lion drawing!
Dharma's fabulous information text!
Eli's wonderful writing!
Emily's incredible Solar System bunting!
Faik's fantastic leaflet cover!
Faik's amazing Galapogas leaflet!
Faye's brilliant name writing!
Georgie's fantastic writing!
Finley's amazing writing!
Hollie's outstanding word class sentence
Isha's amazing phonics!
Isla's incredible information text!
Kayleigh's fantastic punctatuation and p
Lara's incredible Orca drawing!
Lara's brilliant Orca fact file
Lara's wonderful Octopus illustration!
Lara's fabulous Octopus fact file!
Lewis's incredible writing!
Lewis's brilliant foxy facts!
Liam's incredible problem solving!
Maia Rose's wonderful story map!
Marlene's fantastic story map!
Maya's brilliant story map!
Melisa's brilliant information text!
Max's brilliant writing!
Michaela's brilliant drawing!
Michaela's excellent writing!
Miruna's wonderful facts and drawing!
Noah's wonderful writing!
Odett's brilliant story map!
Our Y6 brilliant home learners!
Salim's brilliant riddle!
Shejla's incredible writing!
Shejla's wonderful book review!
Mustafa's fantastic information text!