Move it March!

Book of Excellence

Have a look at the Book of Excellence entries! These children have been amazing us with their incredible learning and I CAN attitudes both at home and at school! 

Well done to each and every one!

Week Beginning 15th March 2021
Byron's wonderful homework!
Oscar's amazing writing!
Millie's fantastic portrait!
Scarlet's incredible homework!
Poppie's brilliant attitude to learning!
Vinul's outstanding design and explantio
Willow's fabulous portrait!
Arthur's brilliant homework!
Chi Chi's incredible writing!
Emma's brilliant writing!
Lexi's brilliant portrait!
Jasmine's wonderful portrait!
Jayden's amazing writing!
Joshua's fantastic homework!
Kanon's brilliant advice writing!
Kara's amazing writing!
Kiyan's amzing dinosaur drawing and fact
Krisha's fantastic writing!
Maria's beautiful observational painting
Melisa's wonderful writing!
Week Beginning 8th March 2021
Jaziah's wonderful message!
Lidia's brilliant writing!
Jesiah's wonderful message!
Teddy's fantastic maths!
Rodin's amazing writing!
Amber's brilliant writing!
Georgie's wonderful message!
Emily's excellent writing!
Bella's amazing welcome letter! 1
Bella's amazing welcome letter! 2
Jacob's amazing maths!
Week Beginning 22nd March 2021
Elizabetta's wonderful giraffe!
Isla's incredible writing!
Zack's amazing home learning!
Re'kai's super comprehension!
Amelia's amazing maths!
Amy's amazing writing!
Lewis's brilliant Minotaur!
Isla's incredible writing!
Alanah's wonderful giraffe!
Week Beginning 1st March 2021
Subhan's wonderful model!
Lara's amazing writing!
Lara's amazing writing!
Zak's excellent writing!
Heidi's brilliant time line 1
Heidi's brilliant time line 2
Lara's incredible fact file!
Lexi's wonderful information text!
Lewis's brilliant writing!
Lewis's excellent writing!
Maria's brilliant writing!
Salim's brilliant fact file!
Salim's brilliant facts!
Alisha's wonderful poem!
Amber's wondeful research!
Amy's brilliant information poster!
Bilal's brilliant information text!
Arwen's amazing writing!
Darcey's brilliant predator top trumps!.
Archie's outstanding description of Thes
Amy's fantastic fact file!
Eleni's brilliant character description!
Ellie's fantastic snow poem!
Elias's incredible wings!
Kanon's amazing poem!