I CANuary 2021!

Book of Excellence

Have a look at the Book of Excellence entries! These children have been amazing us with their incredible learning and I CAN attitudes both at home and at school! 

Well done to each and every one!

Week Beginning 18th January 2021
Vega Venus's amazing rocket!
Teddy's fantastic mask!
Firas's brilliant biography 1
Firas's brilliant biography 2
Firas's brilliant biography 3!
Arwen's fantastic biography 1
Arwen's fantastic biography 2
Arwen's fantastic biography 3!
Amy's wonderful art!
Amy's amazing fact file!
Amy's amazing fact file Part 2!
Arwen's wonderful flamingo!
Ayan's wonderful writing!
Barina's brilliant story map!
Ben's fantastic fact file!
William's brilliant past tense sentences
Georgia-Leigh's amazing fossil drawing!.
Dominic's amazing rocket!
Bilaal's incredible handwriting!
Calix's brilliant story map!
Eleni's incredible fact file!
Eloise's fantastic story map!
Eleni's wonderful fact file!
Eli's brilliant fact file!
Emeli's fantastic fractions work!
Fred's fantastic green zone poster!
Fedir's incredible letter!
Henry's brilliant maths!
Jahdan's brilliant chronological recount
Lewis's incredible report!
Kara's fantastic fact file!
Lexie's secure understanding of fraction
Logan's wonderful maths!
Maya's scrumdidliumptious BFG!
Melinda's amazing maths!
Melinda's fabulous seasons poster!
Melinda's beautiful still life!
Mila's amazing art!
Ms Reuben's Literacy group!
Nicole's fantastic science work!
Mykita's fantastic writing!
Oscar's brilliant fact file!
Orgesa's fantastic seasons work!
Sarah's wonderful class picture!
Reggie's incredible writing!
Senudi's amazing maths!
Senudi's wonderful bookmark design!
Senudi's super science investigation!
Shejla's wonderful book review!
Sophie's amazing fact file!
Souleyman's wonderful art!
Sophie's healthy food poster!
Stanley's excellent 'tch' words poster!.
Arwen's incredible art!
Week Beginning 25th January 2021
Melinda's incredible dinosaur art!
Salim's great fact file!
Teddy's wonderful writing!
Salim's fantastic fact file!
Tina's fantastic progress!
Abubaker's brilliant writing!
William's brilliant writing!
Amy's amazing information text!
Amber's wonderful information text!
Anthony's wonderful writing!
Andrei's fantastic fact file!
Andrei's amazing information text!
Bobby and Sammy's amazing bird feeder!
Chanel's brilliant research!
Arthur's brilliant magic candle investig
Arthur's brilliant magic candle investig
Eleni's excellent grammar!
Georgie's wonderful research!
Hayden's amazing drawing!
Hannah's fantastic writing!
Hayden's fantastic writing!
Hayden's brilliant maths!
Jonathan's amazing maths!
Jonathan's fantastic writing!
Jude's brilliant home learning!
Kaiser's super maths!
Krisha's amazing research!
Kara's brilliant grammar!
Lara's amazing wolf drawing!
Lexi's fantastic research!
Lara's fantastic writing!
Maria's brilliant research!
Lewis's brilliant fact file!
Matthews's amazing adjectives!
Melisa's brillliant information text!
Natalia's fantastic phonics!
Orgesa's fantastic story telling!
Michaela's brilliant research!
Nilly's wonderful maths!
Lara's wonderful drawing!
Rosie's super maths!
Riley's brilliant story!
Riyanah's wonderful writing!
Salim's excellent illustration!
Week Beginning 11th January 2021
Oleksandr's brilliant research and art!.
Jack's brilliant maths presentation!
Georgia-Leigh's amazing plan and present
Georgia-Leigh's fantastic fact finding!.
Georgia-Leigh's amazing research!
Arwen's fantastic maths!
Phoebe's brilliant comprehension!
Amy's amazing research and art!
Melisa's amazing art!
Iustin's great grammar work!
Miruna's fantastic art!
Amber's amazing art!
Maria's superb drawing!
Adam's wonderful NHS blue heart!
Oscar's brilliant writing and Science wo
Dexter's fantastic writing!
Dexter's amazing drawing!
Sammy's amazing research!
Liam's brillliant diary entry!
Leonard's fantastic diary entry!
Bobby's incredible research!
Alisha's amazing character study!
Max's amazing NHS blue heart!
Aiden's amazing tortoise sculpture!
Sammy's incredible character study!
Victor's amazing character study!
Suchay's fantastic story ending!
Serhat's fantastic maths!
Amber's incredible drawing!
Archie's brilliant comprehension!
Daniel's fantastic phonics!
Bobby's brilliant character study!
Eleni's incredible lion drawing!
Elissa's fabulous handwriting!
Georgie's wonderful writing!
Diana's wonderful maths!
Krisha's fantastic art!
Jack's amazing sentences!
Lewis's brilliant sculpture!
Maggie's amazing WOW work!
Maggie's brilliant maths!
Michaela's amazing sculpture!
Mate's wonderful sculpture!
Miruna's wondeful sculpture!
Nouf's wondeful art!
Nethul's fantastic story map!
Oleksandr's incredible art!
Nivetha's brilliant maths!
Riley's brilliant road safety poster
Rishitha's amazing number spelling!