Neat November!

Book of Excellence

Have a look at the Book of Excellence entries! These children have been following our Golden Expectations. Well done to each and every one!

Week Beginning 16th November 2020
Zosia's wonderful maths!
Victoria's fabulous ogre!
Abubaker's wonderful progress!
Victoria's fabulous maths!
Aiman's great instructions!
Adam's exemplary presentation!
Amy's super summarising!
Alex's wonderful maths!
Archer's amazing art work!
Aysu's fantastic writing!
Ariana's wonderful writing!
Arthur's wonderful home learning!
Belinay's excellent ogre!
Byron's excellent ogre instructions!
Calix's wonderful writing!
Byron's fantastic maths!
Cameron's brilliant instructions!
Charlie's outstanding writing!
Daniela's amzing writing!
Divine's wonderful writing!
Dammuzi's fantastic ogre!
Ella's wonderful maths!
Eliza's wonderful writing!
Ema's brilliant writing!
Erik's brilliant creation!
Georgia's incredible writing!
Ethan's fantastic writing!
Fred's brilliant ogre!
Hafsa's brilliant ogre!
Helena's brilliant confidence!
Isla-Grace's excellent exclamation marks
Haley's fantastic writing!
Jacob's excellent instructions!
Jacob's fantastic ogre!
Jahdan's wonderful writing!
Jay's wonderful writing!
James's brilliant writing!
Jacob's wonderful maths!
Joshua's brilliant literacy!
Kairo's great instructions!
Kayla's fabulous writing!
Klesia's brilliant instructions!
Krishika's wonderful writing!
Logan's excellent maths!
Lois's incredible writing!
Lola's wonderful writing!
Luis's incredible maths!
Luqman's excellent maths!
Luqman's brilliant ogre!
Mariama's amazing writing!
Maria's marvellous maths!
Maureen's wonderful writing!
Mustafa's great instructions!
Mundhir's brilliant instructions!
Natasha's fabulous ogre!
Nethul's wonderful ogre!
Poppy's brilliant writing!
Rene's exemplary presentation!
Oscar's wonderful writing!
Richmond's fantastic writing!
Roan's amazing castle!
Ruma's outstanding maths!
Ruma's super summarising!
Saba's wonderful writing!
Salim's fantastic instructions!
Sami's amazing ogre family!
Scarlet's excellent ogre instructions!
Scarlet's fantastic ogre!
Sophia's wonderful instructions!
Sosan's fantastic writing!
Sophie's super instructions!
Teddy's brilliant maths!
Vicky's brilliant maths!
Tilly's wonderful ogre!
Vicky's marvellous ogre!
Week Beginning 9th November 2020
Suheyla's fabulous poster!
Summer's wonderful presentation!
Sophia's fabulous instructions!
Sammy's lovely handwriting!
Warren's great presentation!
Tina's amazing progress in handwriting!.
Tilly's fantastic maths!
Zack's excellent problem solving!
Amelia's amazing writing!
Arwen's amazing leaflet!
Arina's wonerful maths!
Bella's fantastic writing!
Christian's wonderful bubble name!
Bobby's beautiful handwriting!
Chanel's fantastic problem solving!
Darcey's amazing problem solving!
Eleni's excellent grammar and presentati
Diana's excellent maths!
Diana's incredible writing!
Emily's brilliant determination!
Emily's brilliant writing!
Freddie's great rainforest description!.
Jacob's brilliant character description!
Jager's excellent writing!
Joshua's fantastic drawing!
Lara's fantastic instructions!
Lottle's lovely handwriting!
Lacey's brilliant presentation!
Mukarram's fantastic writing!
Mustafa's brilliant advice!
Oscar abd Izabella's brillinat team work
Riley's wonderful bubble name!
Poppie's amazing progress!
Rio's improved handwriting!
Riyaad's excellent sentences!
Romesa's excellent fact file!
Rodin's fantastic progress!
Rodin's wonderful maths!
Week Beginning 23rd November 2020
Oscar's wonderful writing!
Shay's amazing construction!
Oscar's fantastic maths!
Mohamed amazing circus skills!
Sophie's amazing writing!
Vladyslav's wonderful construction!
Alanah's wonderful artwork!
Amelia's wonderful story ideas!
Alyssa's fabulous story plan!
Azad's fantastic writing!
Amir's wonderful maths!
Darcie's brilliant story!
Byron's brilliant maths!
Charlie's fantastic poster!
Charlie's fantastic maths!
Einara's wonderful writing!
Jaiden's fantastic writing!
Faye's brilliant confidence!
Jay's brilliant behaviour!
Kabir's fantastic maths!
Kayla's amazing maths!
Kayla's brilliant comprehension!
Kelly's incredible handwriting!
Mariama's marvellous writing!
Luqman's brilliant instructions!
Max's brilliant story plan!
Melisa's wonderful writing!
Michaela's excellent grammar!
Week Beginning 2nd November 2020
Sami's fantastic number work!
Sami's incredible song lyrics!
Poppie and Laura's excellent reading com
Oscar's brilliant effort in Maths!
Serhat's fantastic writing!
Alisan's great writing!
Tinaya's wonderful writing!
Arthur's fabulous name writing!
Amelia's wonderful writing!
Charlie's brilliant reading!
Charlie's brilliant effort in Maths!
Eddie and Tiffany fantastic team work!
Eddie's incredible writing!
Isla's wonderful Gruffalo!
Emily's amazing writing!
Jaziah's amazing Gruffalo writing!
Neela's wonderful writing!
Max's fantastic writing!
Nethul's incredible song writing!
Nivetha's fabulous writing!