Make it Happen May!

Book of Excellence

Have a look at the Book of Excellence entries! These children have been amazing us with their incredible learning and I CAN attitudes both at home and at school! 

Well done to each and every one!

Week Beginning May 10th 2021
Alanah's wonderful story characters!
Riyanah's excellent phonics!
Reggie's brilliant story map!
Summer's brilliant phonics!
Maia-Rose's amazing writing!
Jacob's wonderful home learning!
Dominic's incredible playdough ladybird!
Week Beginning May 17th 2021
Aayan's wonderful butterfly!
Nirel's outstanding writing!
Victoria's excellent writing!
Vicky's wonderful writing!
Tilly's incredible poem!
Tilly's incredible poem Part 2!
Harrie's excellent writing!
Arthur's brilliant writing!
Zehra's wonderful learning!
Jake's brilliant writing!
Joshua's wonderful writing!
James's fantastic writing!
Laura is now a times table whizz!
Oscar's brilliant learning!
Oscar's brilliant Maths!
Scarlet's wonderful drawing!
Scarlet's incredible diary entry!
Teddy's excellent Maths!
Scarlet's amazing newspaper report!
Week Beginning May 3rd 2021
Bilal's incredible cave painting!
Nouf's excellent Stone Age drawing!
Soya's amazing writing!
Prince's fabulous writing!
Willow's wonderful writing!
Amber's amazing Stone Age art!
Alisha's brilliant setting description!.
Poppie's brilliant writing!
Cade's incredible writing!
Ayesha's fantastic writing!
Bella's fantastic writing!
Ciara's wonderful Stone Age family!
David's superb writing!
Denis's brilliant writing!
Dharma's fantastic Stone Age art!
Isla's fantastic story map!
Hayden's amazing fact file and drawings!
JJ's fabulous Stone Age painting!
Kiyan's wonderful spider picture!
Jaylen's brilliant work on Scratch!
Kush's excellent art work!
Kanon's fantastic setting description!
Melissa's amazing stone age painting!
Lara's brilliant cartoon character!
Ludwig's wonderful writing!
Michaela's incredible Stone Age handprin
Nouf's incredible Stone Age model!