Children's Centre Services

We offer a range of services to families and carers with children under the age of 5.

I am looking for childcare......

We can support you by offering:


  • Childcare from 2 years old

  • FEE2 (Free Early Education for 2 year olds). A member of our outreach team will offer you free support with this.

  • Childminders support Group

  • Help you with your welfare rights



I am looking to return to work.....

We can support you by offering:


  • Help from Job Centre Plus workshops

  • FEE2 nursery sessions for your child

  • Paid daycare nursery sessions for your 2-4 year olds

  • Help you with your welfare rights

  • ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languagues) lessons - in partnership with Barnet College                       020 8449 2423

I am looking for parenting support....

Parenting can be very difficult and at times you may need a little support. We offer a variety of services that will help:


  • Parenting program

  • Parent led "Play and Stay" sessions

  • Outreach support for parents who feel that they need some additional support with parenting, setting boundaries and family dynamics. We offer an ongoing free support services to parents with children under 5 years in their own home.

  • Family support

  • Home start

  • Links to social services

  • Parent-Nurse partnership


I am pregnant and looking for help with.....

We can support you by offering:


  • Healthy Start program - pick up your free vitamin drops/tablets when you bring in your healthy start voucher.

  • Midwife support

  • Family, outreach and inclusion support

  • Help with your welfare rights

  • "Bump and Baby Rhyme Time" sessions                       020 8449 2423

I have just had a baby.....

We run a number of activities for parents to help following the birth of a baby:.


  • Baby massage

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Baby clinic

  • Midwife post natal support

  • Home start

  • Weaning

  • "Bump and Bab Rhyme Time"

  • Parent - Nurse partnership

I have a toddler, what can I attend?

We have lots of activities for you and your toddlers:


  • Parent led play and stay

  • Boogie Mites

  • Jumping Beans

  • Rhyme Time

  • Tiny Walkers                       020 8449 2423

I am concerned about my under 5's behaviour, development or learning.....
I need some adult support....

We offer lots of support:


  • Parenting programmes

  • Outreach and inclusion


  • Speech and Language therapy and support

  • Child development EYFS checks

  • Post natal midwife support

  • Health Visitor support

  • Tiny Walkers

  • Saturday Fun Club


You are just as important to us as the children:


  • Outreach services

  • Welfare Rights drop-in sessions

  • Victim support for anyone that has been the victim of a crime. To book your FREE appointment call 020 8200 4483)

  • Women's Aid (Solace)                       020 8449 2423