Comenius Project 2013-2015-Wolfing Around Europe.

Underhill was lucky enough to be awarded with further Comenius funding to be involved in a two year international project with 6 partner schools from Europe. The project included staff and children from Underhill visiting our partner schools to take part in international themed activities. The title of the project was ‘Wolfing Around ‘. The main idea centred around traditional tales and all topics and tasks were based on this, using the central character of a wolf to reach the objectives. The wolf mascot travelled throughout Europe , all partners were able to follow his journey and write a part of his diary. We created websites, ebooks, recorded films, songs and a card game, as well as performing and creating brand new stories. During the project, Underhill pupils gained an understanding of the rich cultural, artistic and linguistic diversity shared with all partner countries. It also led to a greater co-operation between schools and local communities within and outside of the partnerships. ICT was promoted as the main means of communication, although personal contact between partners took place during meetings and friendships and companionship formed quickly. Throughout the project we gained a better understanding of the identity that unites us and diversity that enriches us. Furthermore, the project was used to promote a sense of British and European citizenship, giving pupils a better understanding of the values and skills required to be true citizens of Europe which, in turn, will serve as crucial assets in their future careers.


Our partners  Freie Montessori Grundschule Hangelsberg,Große Waldstr. 19,OT Hangelsberg GERMANY; Esenkent


Atatürk Ortaokulu Ingilizce Ögretmeni, İSTANBUL TURKEY; Szkoła Podstawowa nr 35 ,Rybnik 6POLAND; Colegio Público San André Almaraz ( Cáceres ) SPAIN; Ecole primaire Charles Huard,St Martin-de-Fontenay, FRANCE; Scuola primaria 5° Circolo “San Francesco d’Assisi”,Altamura (Bari) – Puglia  ITALIA.


Comenius Project 2010-2012- a link with 6 partner schools, funded by the British Council, in Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Majorca, Italy and more locally, Greenleaf School in Walthamstow, London. We were fortunate to welcome teachers and children from each of our partner schools to lUnderhill (April 2011 - 44 of them!) and for teachers (Poland, Bulgaria and Majorca) and children (Turkey and Italy) to visit our other partner schools. This has allowed us to better understand the school systems and cultures of these countries. Our visiting children, in particular, were"wowed" by this amazing opportunity.


Spanish Links at Underhill




CEU Cardenal Herrera University

Underhill School and Children’s Centre has formed successful links with University CEU Cardenal Herrera  located in Valencia, Spain.Enabled by the Erasmus Bilateral Programme students have been able to study, learn English and fully participate in the British Education system . Underhill School has been fortunate to receive 3 Spanish teaching students over the last 3 years. The students have completed a 3 monthly internship working alongside classroom teachers as well as contributing to the school community.